"I got my kid back."

This was by far the most meaningful testimonial we’ve ever received. Students and parents are all capable of being buried by stress, frustration and even anger. More important than any test score is the calm and perspective that achievement can bring:

"Thank you for helping and giving us your honest assessment of things. It will be a challenging year but we feel that your team approach is the best tactic. "

One mom shared a note she received from her son's teacher:

"I just wanted you to know how awesome your son has been in English class so far this year. He comes to class prepared, asks questions when he isn't sure, and participates eagerly. I know that not everything is easy for him in English, and it probably isn't his favorite subject, but he is working so hard, and it is really paying off Thank you for keeping C on top of his work." 

And these parents made us so happy to help.

"What a relief that he had a few outlines under his belt ahead of time." 
"Thank you for being the "mom" tutor, for listening and your encouragement. It means
the world to me that you care about my
beautiful boy."
 "Many thanks for your incredible work with our kids this year...and for the past few years too. Frankly, we could not get through the year without you! It's such a joy working with you and we really appreciate all you do."
"I hardly think that this little note can fully articulate our gratitude. We are so thankful for all the time and effort and "butt kicking" you gave our son these past two years to help him succeed. We truly appreciate all that you did. Sitting there at graduation was a moment I will never forget-we were so happy, so proud, and so incredibly relieved! Thank you, thank you!!"

Some of our biggest fans, of course, are guidance counselors:

"Thank you for all your tireless effort, patience and dedication in supporting our students. Your assistance has really made a profound impact on the kids. And for those who needed a listening ear, you are always making yourself available. I look forward to this working relationship for many years to come."



Dear Ardis,

I can’t thank you enough for the support you gave our son during his Junior year of High School. He was doing well before but from the start of that year the academic pressure mounted and the stress of it all was really hard on him. We are so glad that we found Straight A because with your insights you quickly lined up the support he needed. The assistance he received from Straight A was perfect! He was able to get on top of his classes and finish the year with confidence.

In his senior year he was accepted at both of his top choice Colleges and is looking forward to pursuing a degree in Mechanical Engineering. I am also grateful that he had a positive experience with the tutoring he received from Straight A as I think he’ll find it easier to seek and accept the help available at college if, at some point, he needs it.

Thanks again,

Brian E.

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