What’s the difference between a tutor
and an academic coach?

Many kids we’ve met are held back by a lack of ability to manage their busy lives and show what they know when test time comes. That’s what coaching is all about. The baseball coaches at your school aren’t teaching kids how to hold or even swing a bat; rather, they’re teaching focus, discipline and proven strategies to win and excel.

Of course, sometimes kids need direct instruction to master new skills. We’re here for that too. To help kids achieve their potential in class, on exam day and beyond, we provide: 

  • AP and Regents-level tutoring in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Earth Science, Geometry, Algebra I and II, Pre Calc, Calculus, Global Studies, American History,  English, Government, Economics, Spanish, French, German and Latin
  • Regents and Common Core skill development
  • Year-round AP course prep
  • Summer prep for AP courses
  • SAT/ACT prep
  • Support throughout the college selection and application process including college essays


  • Middle and elementary school tutoring

Tutors and academic coaches from across the Rochester region.

Our tutors provide one-on-one instruction, motivation,  and support whenever you need us. We also help with the transition from middle school to high school, fixing issues before the grades start to "count." We offer strategic and honest assessment of both high school course and college or university selection and then help with college essays. Through it all, we work around the busy lives of students, not predetermined schedules. Even when students don't have a session scheduled, you'll find them at our office doing homework together and encouraging each otherwith our tutoring team on site and ready to help.

Three kinds of teachers.

One of the reasons the students thrive is that our tutors are actual classroom teachers. Some have been in the classroom a few years, while others have taught for decades. They all have a Master's degree or Ph. D. and are considered some of the best in our region.

You see, there are three kinds of teachers:

  1. Those who really know their subject.
  2. Those who really love working with kids.
  3. Those who really know their subject and love working with kids.

The teachers on our team are exclusively from that third category. They are smart and skilled educators who can transform something that had previously been either confusing or dull into an understandable concept. And they do it while our students are munching on snacks and even having a giggle every now and then. You have to experience the atmosphere to appreciate how it all works.


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